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4. Configuring the Production RAID system.

4.1 System specs.

Motherboard:    Iwill P55TU     dual ide + adaptec scsi
Processor:      Intel P200
Disks:          2 ea. Maxtor 7 gig eide
The disk drives are designated by linux as 'hda' and 'hdc'

4.2 Partitioning the hard drives.

Since testing a large root mountable RAID array is difficult because of the re-boot problem, I re-partitioned my swap space to include a smaller RAID partition for testing purposes. You may find this helpful.


  /dev/hda1     dos             16meg
* /dev/hda2     extended        126m
  /dev/hda3     linux           126m    root partition during development
  /dev/hda4     linux           6+gig   raid1
* /dev/hda5     linux            26m    test raid1
* /dev/hda6     linux swap      100m

  /dev/hdc1     is simply an exact copy of hda1 so the
                partion can be made active if hda fails
* /dev/hdc2     extended        126m
  /dev/hdc3     linux           126m    /usr/src  during development
  /dev/hdc4     linux           6+gig   raid1 mirror
* /dev/hdc5     linux            26m    test raid1 mirror
* /dev/hdc6     linux swap      100m


/dev/hda1       dos             16meg
/dev/hda2       linux swap      126m
/dev/hda3       linux swap      126m
/dev/hda4       linux           6+gig   raid1

/dev/hdc1       is simply an exact copy of hda1
/dev/hdc2       linux swap      126m
/dev/hdc3       linux swap      126m
/dev/hdc4       linux           6+gig   raid1 mirror

The hdx3 partitions were switched to 'swap' after developing this utility. I could have done it on another machine, however, the libraries and kernels are all about a year or more out of date on my other linux boxes and I preferred to build it on the target machine.

I chose to partition this way and use lodlin rather than lilo because

  1. The main partition (6 gig) is to large to accomodate booting with lilo alone and would have required an additional smaller partition located within the first 1024 disk addresses.
  2. In the event that one drive fails catastrophically, the system must continue to run and be bootable with minimum effort and NO data loss.

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