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3. Books on General Unix/Linux

3.1 Linux Installation and Administration

Linux Installation and Getting Started

Welsh, Matt; LDP; 1997. Available on the LDP home page, or directly at

How to bring up Linux. Explains a lot of Linux basics. Covers basic system administration.

Linux System Administtrator's Guide

Wirzenius, Lars; LDP; 1997. Available on the LDP home page, or directly at

An excellent first book on how to maintain and administer a Linux system.

Essential System Administration (Second Edition)

Frisch, Aeleen; O'Reilly; 1995; ISBN 0-937175-80-3; 788 pp; $32.95.

More in-depth coverage of normal system-administration tasks. Not Linux-specific but contains Linux material.

3.2 Using Unix & Linux

Linux in a Nutshell

Hekman, Jessica P. et al.; O'Reilly; 1997; ISBN 1-56592-167-4; 438 pp. $9.95.

According to O'Reilly, "The Desktop Reference for Linux". For Linux users this obsoletes their "Unix In a Nutshell" which was SVr4/Solaris-oriented.

Running Linux (Second Edition)

Welsh, Matt, & Kaufman, Lar; O'Reilly; ISBN 1-56592-151-8; 1996; 650pp; $24.95.

Everything you need in order to understand, install, and use the Linux operating system. Excellent beginner's book.

3.3 System Security

Practical Unix Security

Garfinkel, Simpson, and Spafford, Gene; O'Reilly Associates; ISBN 0-56592-148-8; 1991.

Ronald P. Miller: "Some overlap with Essential System Admin., but all in all a solid book on security, especially for those aspiring to allow multiple-user, dial-up/net access to their Linux boxes."

Firewalls & Internet Security

Cheswick, William R. & Bellovin, Steven M.; Addison-Wesley; 1994; ISBN 0-201-63357-4; 320pp.

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