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31. Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

31.1 Newsgroups

There is newsgroup for PostgreSQL at Please follow these steps to subscribe

1. Choose Window | Netscape News
2. Choose File | Open News Host
3. Type in the edit box.
4. The name of the newsgroup is comp.databases.postgresql.questions. 
To add right-click on, and choose Add Newsgroup.
Then type the newsgroup into the edit box. The newsgroup will be added
to the list in the left hand pane. 
5. Newsgroups will be listed in the left hand pane. Any messages in 
the selected newsgroup will appear in the right hand pane.

31.2 Get a Free e-mail account

Check out the free deals offered - get free e-mail accounts from

Subscribe to PostgreSQL mailing list and Yahoo has additional feature of creating a seperate folder for PostgreSQL e-mails, so that your regular e-mail is not cluttered. Select menu Email- > Options- > Filters and pick seperate folder for email. With this e-mail account you can access mail from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a web page.

If you have any other e-mail, you can use "Mail Filters" to receive automatically the PostgreSQL mails into a seperate folder. This way it will be better organised and you avoid mail cluttering.

31.3 English Mailing List

See the Mailing Lists Item on the main web page at :

You will get the answers/replies back by e-mail in less than a day!!

You can also subscribe to mailing lists. See also the section 'Get a Free e-mail account' above. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list, send mail to

The body of the message should contain the single line




31.4 Archive of Mailing List

Also mailing lists are archived in html format at the following location -

31.5 Spanish Mailing List

Now there is an "unofficial" list of postgreSQL in Spanish. See also the section 'Free Account to Organise your PostgreSQL e-mails' above. To subscribe the user has to send a message to:

The body of the message should contain the single line:

inscripcion pgsql-ayuda

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