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23. Python Interface for PostgreSQL

PyGres95 is a python interface for the PostgreSQL. See the readme file at

Package is available from

The extract from the home page of PyGres95 is given below:-

PyGres - v1.0b : PostgreSQL module for Python

PyGres95, version 1.0b A Python interface for PostgreSQL database. Written by Pascal Andre,

PostgreSQL is a database system derived from Postgres4.2. It conforms to (most of) ANSI SQL and offer many interesting possibilities (C dynamic linking for functions or type definition, time travel, ...). This package is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California, and is freely distributable.

Python is a interpretated programming langage. It is object oriented, simple to use (light syntax, simple and straighforward statements), and has many extensions for building GUIs, interfacing with WWW, ... An "intelligent" web browser (HotJava like) is currently under development (november 1995), and this should open programmers many doors. Python is copyrighted by Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is freely distributable.

PyGres95 is a python module that interfaces PostgreSQL database. It embeds PostgreSQL query library to allow an easy use of powerful PostgreSQL features cooperatively with all the other python modules. It has been developed on a Linux 1.3/ELF system, but have been tested on a Solaris 2.4 platform. Anyway, it should work on any platform where python and postgreSQL are available.

23.1 Where to get PyGres ?

The home sites of the differents packages are:

You should anyway try to find some mirror site closer of your site. Refer to the information sources to find these sites. PyGres95 should reside in the contrib directories of Python and PostgreSQL sites.

23.2 Information and support

If you need information about these packages please check their web sites:

For support :

I will try to answer as long as my free time allow me to do that.

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