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17. PostgreSQL 4GL for web database applications - AppGEN Development System

AppGEN can be downloaded from

Extract from the home page of AppGEN is given below:-

AppGEN is a high level fourth generation language and application generator for producing World Wide Web (WWW) based applications. These applications are typically used over the internet or within a corporate intranet. AppGEN applications are implemented as C scripts conforming to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard supported by most Web Servers.

To use AppGEN you will need the following :-

PostgresSQL, relational database management system

A CGI compatible web server such as NCSA's HTTPD

An ansi C compiler such as GCC

AppGEN consists of the following Unix (Linux) executables :-

The author, Andrew Whaley, can be contacted on and would appreciate any comments or suggestions about the software.

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