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13. PostgreSQL Management Tools

13.1 PGACCESS - A GUI Tool for PostgreSQL Management

It is already included in the distribution of PostgreSQL. You may want to check out this web site for a newer copy

This is what the home page of pgaccess says:

PgAccess - a Tcl/Tk interface to PostgreSQL

Latest version of PgAccess is 0.63 , 4 December 1997

I think that there were some problems loading libpgtcl library.
I invite you to read a special section concerning libpgtcl

What does PgAccess now!

Here are some images from PgAccess windows : Main window , table builder ,
table(query) view , visual query builder .

- opening tables for viewing, max 200 records (changed by preferences menu)

- column resizing, dragging the vertical grid line (better in table space
rather than in the table header)
- text wrap in cells - layout saved for every table
- import/export to external files (SDF,CSV)
- filter capabilities (enter filter like (price>3.14)
- sort order capabilities (enter manually the sort field(s))
- editing in place
- improved table generator assistant
- improved field editing
- define , edit and stores "user defined queries"
- store queries as views
- execution of queries
- viewing of select type queries result
- query deleting and renaming
- NEW !!! Visual query builder with drag & drop capabilities. For any of
you who had installed the Tcl/Tk plugin for Netscape Navigator, you can see
it at work clicking here
- defines sequences, delete them and inspect them
- define, inspect and delete functions in SQL language

On the TODO list!
- table design (add new fields, renaming, etc.)
- function definition
- report generator
- basic scripting

If you have any comment, suggestion for improvements, please feel free to
e-mail to :

More information about libgtcl

Also, you will need the PostgreSQL to Tcl interface library, lined as a
Tcl/Tk 'load'-able module. It is called libpgtcl and the source is located
in the PostgreSQL directory /src/interfaces/libpgtcl. Specifically, you
will need a libpgtcl library that is 'load'-able from Tcl/Tk. This is
technically different from an ordinary PostgreSQL loadable object file,
because libpgtcl is a collection of object files. Under Linux, this is
You can download from here a version already compiled for Linux i386
systems. Just copy into your system library director (/usr/lib)
and go for it. One of the solutions is to remove from the source the line
containing load and to load pgaccess.tcl not with wish, but
with pgwish (or wishpg) that wish that was linked with libpgtcl library.

However, the application should work without problems.

13.2 Windows Interactive Query Tool for PostgreSQL (WISQL or MPSQL)

MPSQL provides users with a graphical SQL interface to PostgresSQL. MPSQL is similar to Oracle's SQL Worksheet and Microsoft SQL Server's query tool WISQL. It has nice GUI and has history of commands. Also you can cut and paste and it has other nice features to improve your productivity.

13.3 Interactive Query Tool (ISQL) for PostgreSQL called PSQL

ISQL is For Character command line terminals. This is included in the distribution, and is called PSQL. Very similar to Sybase ISQL, Oracle SQLplus. At unix prompt give command 'psql' which will put you in psql> prompt.

Type \h to see help of commands.
Very user friendly and easy to use. Also very useful for shell scripting in Bourne, Korn and C-shells.

13.4 MPMGR - A Database Management Tool for PostgresSQL

MPMGR will provide a graphical management interface for PostgresSQL. You can find it at

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