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4. Tools for Developing Pilot Software

4.1 prc-tools

The prc-tools package is a complete development environment built from the FSF GNU utilities, compiler and debugger with the addition of a few special tools.

There is not much in the way of documentation, but you might want to look at the Pilot Software Development web page at

Installing prc-tools

Download the most recent version of prc-tools from The GNU tools can be retrieved from Get binutils-2.7.tar.gz, gcc- and gdb-4.16.tar.gz. The version numbers specified for the GNU tools are correct as of prc-tools release 0.5.0. Later releases of prc-tools may require newer versions of the GNU tools.

Put all of the distribution packages in one directory. Unpack only the prc-tools distribution. The prc-tools Makefile will take care of the other packages. By default, prc-tools will be installed in /usr/local/gnu. If you want them installed somewhere else, you need to change the value of INSTALLDIR in Makefile. The steps are:

tar -xvzf prc-tools.0.5.0.tar.gz
cd prc-tools-0.5.0
(Edit Makefile, if necessary.)
make doeverything

Using prc-tools

One good reference for general use of prc-tools is the example directory, particularly the Makefile. Documentation for PilRC is provided in the file pilrc1.5/doc/pilrc.htm included as part of prc-tool version 0.5.0.

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