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1. Introduction

The Pilot comes with software to synchronize its memory with data on a Microsoft Windows system. There is optional software you can buy to synchronize with an Apple Macintosh. The linux/unix community has been ignored by the manufacturers of the Pilot. Fortunately, a suite of free software has been developed to fill this need. This document describes this software, where to get it, and how to install and use it.

1.1 This Document

The latest version of this document can be read at, and is part of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). See for further information about the LDP and other HOWTO documents.

Future versions will cover more unix tools for writing application programs to run on the Pilot and conduits to transfer data between the unix system and the Pilot.

If you find anything in this document which needs to be corrected or better explained, please send me e-mail at the address above and specify which version of this document you are referring to.

This document is Copyright (c) 1997 by David H. Silber. It is released under the copyright terms in the LDP HOWTO-INDEX document.

1.2 Mailing List

The pilot-unix mailing list is maintained by Matthew Cravit. Its mandate is:

The pilot-unix mailing list is for discussion and idea-sharing for those
interested in using the US Robotics Pilot PDAs with UNIX systems. This
includes people who are interested in helping to develop tools to allow the
Pilot to operate with UNIX, and possibly to develop an SDK for the Pilot
for Unix.

For more information, including how to subscribe to the list, send mail containing the word ``INFO'' to The subject line does not matter.

1.3 Mailing List Archives

An archive of the pilot-unix mailing list can be found at http:/// It is maintained by Chris Stevens.

1.4 FTP Site

An FTP site containing an archive of Pilot tools for use on unix systems is located at It is maintained by Jeff Dionne.

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