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3. How to use this HOWTO document (NET-3-HOWTO-HOWTO ?).

The format of this document is differs from earlier versions. I've now regrouped the sections so that there is informative material at the beginning which you can skip if you are not interested, generic material next which you must ensure you understand before proceeding to the technology specific sections in the rest of the document.

Read the generic sections

These sections apply to every, or nearly every, technology described later and so are very important for you to understand.

Consider your network

You should know how your network is, or will be, designed and exactly what hardware and technology types you will be implementing.

Read the technology specific sections related to your requirements

When you know what you want you can address each component in turn. These sections cover only details specific to a particular technology.

Do the configuration work

You should actually try to configure your network and take careful note of any problems you have.

Look for further help if needed

If you experience problems that this document does not help you to resolve then read the section related to where to get help or where to report bugs.

Have fun!

Networking is fun, enjoy it.

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