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10. Other configuration options

This section contains descriptions of selected kernel configuration options (in make config) which are not listed in the configuration section. Most device drivers are not listed here.

10.1 General setup

Normal floppy disk support - is exactly that. You may wish to read over the file drivers/block/README.fd; this is especially important for IBM Thinkpad users.

XT harddisk support - if you want to use that 8 bit XT controller collecting dust in the corner.

PCI bios support - if you have PCI, you may want to give this a shot; be careful, though, as some old PCI motherboards could crash with this option. More information about the PCI bus under linux is found in the PCI-HOWTO.

Kernel support for ELF binaries - ELF is an effort to allow binaries to span architectures and operating systems; linux seems is headed in that direction and so you most likely want this.

Set version information on all symbols for modules - in the past, kernel modules were recompiled along with every new kernel. If you say y, it will be possible to use modules compiled under a different patchlevel. Read README.modules for more details.

10.2 Networking options

Networking options are described in the NET-3-HOWTO (or NET-something-HOWTO).

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