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1. Introduction

Because of the way that Java is designed the programmer does not have easy access to the system's environment variables. Because of the way that the Java Development Kit (JDK) is set up, it is necessary to use multiple tokens to invoke a program, which does not mesh very well with the standard HTML forms/CGI manner of operations. There are ways around these limitations, and I have implemented one of them. Read further for details.

1.1 Prior Knowledge

I am assuming that you have a general knowledge of HTML and CGI concepts and at least a minimal knowledge of your HTTP server. You should also know how to program in Java, or a lot of this will not make sense.

1.2 This Document

The latest version of this document can be read at

1.3 The Package

The latest version of the package described here can be accessed via anonymous FTP at The package distribution includes SGML source for this document.

The package is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License. This document can be distributed under the terms of the Linux HOWTO copyright notice.

If you use this software, please make some reference to, so that others will be able to find the Java CGI classes.

1.4 Shameless Plug

This document is brought to you courtesy of Stellar Orbits Technology Services. (Visit us at to see what we do.)

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