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11. Configuring your Linux machine as a Novell Print Server.

A program to allow your Linux machine to act as a print server on a Netware network is included in the ncpfs package. For instructions on how to obtain and build, it follow the directions in the `Netware client' section above.

11.1 Prerequisites

Configuration is quite straightforward but relies on you already having your printer configuration completed and working under Linux. This is covered in the Printing-HOWTO in some depth.

11.2 Configuration

When you have a working printer configuration, and you have built and installed the pserver utility then you need to add commands to start it into your rc files.

Exactly what command will use will depend on depend on exactly how you want it to operate, but in its simplest form something like the following will work:

# pserver -S ACCT_01 -U LASER -P secret -q LASERJET

This example asks the pserver utility to login in to the ACCT_01 fileserver with username LASER and password secret and to take jobs from the LASERJET print queue. When an incoming print job is received it will use the default print command of lpr to feed the print job to the Linux print daemon.

You could if you wished use any Linux command to accept and print the print job. The -c argument allows you to specify the exact print command. For example:

# pserver -S ACCT_01 -U LASER -P secret -q LASERJET -c "lpr -Plaserjet"
would do exactly the same as the previous example except it would send the job to the laserjet printcap configuration instead of the default one.

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