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24. Appendix B. Supported PCMCIA cards

These cards are supported by David Hinds' PCMCIA package and this list is taken from his web page.

24.1 Ethernet cards

All other cards use the pcnet_cs driver. Other NE2000-compatible cards that are not on the list are also likely to work with pcnet_cs.

24.2 Fast Ethernet (10/100baseT) adapters

24.3 Token-ring adapters

You should at least have kernel 1.3.72

24.4 Wireless network adapters

24.5 ISDN

24.6 Modem and serial cards

Virtually all modem cards, simple serial port cards, and digital cellular modems should work. Also ISDN modems that emulate a standard UART are supported.

24.7 Memory cards

All SRAM cards should work. Unsupported flash cards can be read but not written.

24.8 SCSI adapters

Be careful. Many vendors, particularly CD-ROM vendors, seem to switch controller chips at will. Generally, They will use a different product code, but not always: older (supported) New Media Bus Toaster cards are not easily distinguishable from the current (unsupported) Bus Toaster cards.

24.9 ATA/IDE CD-ROM adapters

You should at least have kernel 1.3.72

24.10 Multifunction cards

You should at least have kernel 1.3.73

24.11 ATA/IDE card drives

These card drives are supported starting with kernel 1.3.72. Both Flash-ATA cards and rotating-media cards are supported.

24.12 Miscellaneous cards

24.13 Cards with separately distributed drivers

24.14 Working on ...

People are working on the following cards:

24.15 Unsupported

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