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20. Other hardware

20.1 VESA Power Savings Protocol (DPMS) monitors

Support for power savings is included in the Linux kernel. Just use setterm to enable support.

20.2 Touch screens

The Metro-X X-server is supporting the following touch screen:

20.3 Joysticks

Joystick support is in the latest XFree86 distributions (3.3.x) and in kernel versions 2.1.xx. For older kernels the links below are usefull.

20.4 Video capture boards / Frame Grabbers

20.5 UPS

20.6 Multifunction boards

20.7 Data acquisition

The Linux Lab Project site collects drivers for hardware dealing with data acquisition, they also maintain some mailing lists dealing with the subject. I have no experience with data acquisition so please check the site for more details.

20.8 Watchdog timer interfaces

20.9 Miscellaneous

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