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2. Computers/Motherboards/BIOS

ISA, VLB, EISA, and PCI buses are all supported.

PS/2 and Microchannel (MCA) is supported in the standard kernel 2.0.7. There is support for MCA in kernel 2.1.16 and newer, but this code is still a little buggy. For more information you can always look at the Micro Channel Linux Home Page (

2.1 Specific systems

Many new PCI boards are causing a couple of failure messages during boot time when "Probing PCI Hardware". The procedure presents the folowing message

    Warning : Unknown PCI device (8086:7100).  Please read include/linux/pci.h

It tells you to read the pci.h file. From this file is the following quote

    We are trying to collect information on new PCI devices, using
    the standard PCI identification procedure. If some warning is
    displayed at boot time, please report 
         - /proc/pci
         - your exact hardware description. Try to find out
           which device is unknown. It may be you mainboard chipset.
           PCI-CPU bridge or PCI-ISA bridge.
         - If you can't find the actual information in your hardware
           booklet, try to read the references of the chip on the board.
         - Send all that to,
           and I'll add your device to the list as soon as possible

    BEFORE you send a mail, please check the latest linux releases
    to be sure it has not been recently added.

                 Frederic Potter.

Normally spoken you motherboard and the unknown PCI devices will function correctly.

2.2 Unsupported

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