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4. Shack Automation Software.

Software for simplifying tasks in the shack. Examples might include software for controlling the newer breed of radios, logging programs, QSL database, or antenna rotation.

4.1 FT-890 remote control


Emarit Ranu, KG0CQ, drranu@holly.ColoState.EDU


A simple program to control a Yaesu FT-890 transciever via its CAT port from linux.




01 Apr 97

System requirements

Yaesu FT-890, Yaesu FIF-232C interface converter or homebuilt equivalent (Feb 1993 "QST", page 37). Linux, serial cable.


The program is started with one parameter specifying the com port to use. Once started the program is menu driven. Future versions will support an X-Windows interface.

Where and How to obtain it.

The software is currently only available from the author by email.


You may copy this program millions of times, the only restrictions are:

Contributed by:

Emarit Ranu, KG0CQ

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