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14. How to contribute or update an entry.

I'd like for this list to be as complete and up-to-date as possible. So I'm keen to hear about any developments or products that I don't already know about, or that the entry is obselete or outdated for.

What I'd like as a minimum set of requirement would be something like the following:


The name of the software in question.


Who wrote, or ported the software. An email address, or some other means of contacting them is also essential.


A single line description of what the software does.


An indication of the software's status. Is it still in testing? Is it a production release? Is it still in the design stage?

System requirements

What does the software require to run? Does it require X-Windows? Does it need a soundcard? Does it need a certain version of kernel? Does it need other software to support it?


I'm not keen on including a large amount of detail on each piece of software as this would consume a lot of time reading and trying to keep up to date. So instead what I'd like to list is what makes this software unique, anything special about it. Perhaps its most outstanding features, that sort of thing.

Where and How to obtain it.

If the software is freely distributable then ftp details would be great. If it is commercial software then the name of the company distributing the software, and an address or telephone number. If it is available only by some other means, say mail order, then details on where and how to obtain it.


Is the software Copyleft? Copyright? Shareware? Public Domain? Restricted in use in any way?

Don't worry if you don't know all of these details, just send me what you do know and I'll list what I can. I'd rather have an incomplete listing than no listing at all.

Please mail any contributions to:

I'd list a packet radio address too but I'm still not properly operational again yet after moving house.

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