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1. Introduction.

This list was prompted by comments that had been expressed in the various Linux newsgroups about the number of amateur radio operators that were involved with Linux. It is now clear that Linux is becoming a popular platform for Amateur Radio development work.

This list was originally called the RADIOLINUX list, but has been moved into the Linux Documentation Project HOWTO collection, so it has been renamed the HAM-HOWTO. I make no apologies for the name.

1.1 Changes from the previous version

        Added entry based last updated field.
        bpf - filter calculator
        BayBox - Packet BBS
        digiinfo - digipeater information database
        Contest logging program
        Chirp contest logger
        DX Cluster watcher
        F6FBB BBS

        Changed all ftp: url's to point to the directory rather than the file.
        CLX, and just about everything else.
        Updated location of John Gotts mirror.

        find a way of automating this, or find an alternate means of
        presenting this information.

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