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3. Setting up the Firewall

3.1 Hardware requirements

For our example, the computer is a 486-DX66 with 16 meg of memory and a 500 meg Linux partition. This system has two network cards one connected to our private LAN and the other connected to the a lan we will call the de-militarized zone (DMZ). The DMZ has a router connected to it with a connection to the internet.

This is a pretty standard setup for a business. You could use one network card and a modem with PPP to the internet. The point is, the firewall must have two IP network numbers.

I know a lot of people have small LANs at home with two or three computers on them. Something you might consider is putting all your modems in on Linux box (maybe an old 386) and connecting all of them to the internet with load balancing. With this setup when only one person was pulling data they would get both modems doubling the throughput. :-)

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