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7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

7.1 Why does it say "space" after each character?

Your DECtalk Express has old firmware. Use the Emacspeak command `C-e d V' to find out your version. You should be running a version no older than 4.2bw from March 1995. If you have an earlier version, you can find an updated version at, a WWW site maintained by Ron Jemma of the Dectalk Group at DEC. Alternatively, you can send email to Anne Nelson at The most recent version at this writing is 4.3 release AA X01 May 20 1996.

7.2 On occasion when reading the dectalk will produce high pitchtones that last for several words or more, if this happens in a bufferit will often repeat within the same buffer.

The problem is due to remaining bugs in the Dectalk firmware. When emacspeak produces tones, especially when split caps is on, the dtk sometime goes into squealing mode.

If you notice this happening in particular text documents, just turn off split caps mode locally with `C-e d s'.

7.3 What is the significance of the message "No libraryautorevert in search path" which is spoken (or at least queued forspeech) when emacspeak 7.0 starts?

It's completely insignificant. autorevert is a new minor mode provided by emacs 20 and emacspeak looks for it and if found speech-enables it.

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