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8. References and FTP sites

8.1 Other documents of relevance

The HOWTOs ought to be available from all mirrors of and A Danish mirror at the Web is SunSite DK.

The German HOWTO (in German) by Winfried Trümper. A lot of other national HOWTOs such as Finnish, Spanish and Polish are also available in the native languages.

The Linux Keyboard and Console HOWTO by Andries Brouwer.

The Locales mini-HOWTO by Peeter Joot.

The ISO 8859-1 National Character Set FAQ and Programming for Internationalization (plus much more) by Michael Gschwind is available from his homepage.

8.2 FTP and Web sites

The Linux Danish/International HOWTO has its own homepage, which always has the latest version on-line. It also has other informations for Danish users of Linux.

This FTP site at Aalborg University Center (AUC) has Danish hyphenation tables, dictionary for ispell etc. AUC is also the home of SunSite DK which has the Debian and Red Hat distributions, the latest kernels, the Linux Documentation Project, mirrors of and the GNU archives, and the remap package for emacs.

SunSite and mirrors. doc/howto has the above mentioned HOWTOs. utils/nls and subdirectories contain files related to National Language Support. Developers should take a look at locale-tutorial-0.8.txt.gz, locale-pack-0.8.tar.gz and cat-pack.tar.gz.

The GNU archives has the recode package for character table conversion, the ABOUT-NLS file and the gettext package for message translation of some GNU applications and (of course) the latest versions of GNU emacs.

The DANTE FTP site has everything needed for TeX and LaTeX support.

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