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11. Other Hardware

11.1 How do I get my xxxxx device working under dosemu?

Corey Sweeney ( reported (94/5/30) that

Here is a log of my adventures trying to get devices working under dosemu. So far I've gotten my voice mail system working and my scanner half working. Here's how:

1. Look in your manual and find if your card uses any ports. If your manual gives you some, put them in your config file at the "ports" line. Remember that sometimes you need to have several ports in a row, and the first one might be the only one documented.

2. Try it out. If it doesn't work, or you don't have a manual (or your manual is as crappy as my AT&T manual:) then run dosemu with "dos -D+T 2> /tmp/io.debug". Run your device software, then exit dosemu. Look through /tmp/io.debug and find any port numbers it might give you. Try adding those to the port lines and try running dosemu again. Ports below 0x400 with the keyword fast don't get logged(97/2/9)!

3. If you still fail then you may need interrupts.

Find out what interrupt the card uses and verify, that the kernel isn't using the IRQ in question (cat /proc/interrupts). Hans Lermen wrote (97/2/17):

1. Make sure Linux doesn't use this network card

2. Set 'sillyint { use_sigio 5 }' in /etc/dosemu.conf

(some addittions (97/2/11)) and that's about it...

Question: What if my card uses DMA? Answer: Your screwed.

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