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1. Preamble

Keywords: DNS, bind, bind-4, bind-8, named, dialup, ppp, slip, isdn, Internet, domain, name, hosts, resolving

1.1 Legal stuff

(C)opyright 1995 Nicolai Langfeldt. Do not modify without amending copyright, distribute freely but retain copyright message.

1.2 Credits and request for help.

I want to thank Arnt Gulbrandsen who read the drafts to this work countless times and provided many useful suggestions. I also want to thank the people that have e-mailed suggestions and notes.

This will never be a finished document, please send me mail about your problems and successes, it can make this a better HOWTO. So please send money, comments and/or questions to If you send e-mail and want an answer please show the simple courtesy of making sure that the return address is correct and working. Also, please read the FAQ section before mailing me.

If you want to translate this HOWTO please notify me so I can keep track of what languages I have been published in, and also I can notify you when the HOWTO has been updated.

1.3 Dedication

This HOWTO is dedicated to Anne Line Norheim Langfeldt. Though she will probably never read it since she's not that kind of girl.

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