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6. FAQ: Voodoo Graphics (tm)? 3Dfx?

6.1 Who is 3Dfx?

3Dfx is a San Jose based manufacturer of 3D graphics accelerator hardware for arcade games, game consoles, and PC boards. Their official website is 3Dfx does not sell any boards, but there is an associcated company, Quantum3D. See their home page at for additional information.

6.2 What is the Voodoo Graphics (tm)?

The Voodoo Graphics (tm) is a chipset manufactured by 3Dfx. It is used in hardware acceleration boards for the PC. See the HOWTO section on supported hardware.

There is a newer chipset, the Voodoo Rush (tm), that is currently not supported with Linux.

6.3 Where could I get additional info on Voodoo Graphics (tm)?

There is a FAQ by 3Dfx, which should be available at their web site. You will find retail information at the following locations:

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